inaugural conference

The inaugural conference of MemAct will address challenges in Holocaust education in a time of rising extremism and endangered stability of democracies.

Conference Program:

Tuesday, 20.4.2021
Day 1: The presence of the past
CEST: 2pm – 5.30 pm = EDT: 800am-1130am

1400 – 1415Welcome address and IntroductionHemma Schmutz
artistic director of the Museums of the City of Linz

Karin Schneider
head of education of the Museums of the City of Linz
and MemAct! core team
1415 – 1500Keynote:
Reconquering the imaginary, remaking the society: notes on
contemporary far-right activism

Agnieszka Pasieka
University of Vienna/ Yale University
1500 – 1515coffee break
1515 – 1600Keynote:
Teaching and learning about the Holocaust in
the post-liberal society
Jan Christer Mattsson
University of Gothenburg
1600 – 1630Breakout roomsReflections on the two keynotes
1630 – 1645coffee break
1645 – 1725Plenary discussion and Q & AModeration: Paul Salmons, MemAct! Core Team
1725 – 1730Closing remarksWolfgang Schmutz, MemAct! Core Team

Wednesday, 21.4.2021

Day 2: How should education respond?
CEST: 2pm – 5.30 pm = EDT: 8:00am-11:30am

1400 – 1500Keynotes: Participant-centered LearningPaul Salmons, Wolfgang Schmutz, Karin Schneider
Panel 1: Developing transnational Holocaust Education and
memory activities
Miško Stanisic and Nevena Bajalica, Terraforming South.
Guest: Renate Höllwart, Büro trafo.k
Moderation: Norina Müller, PH OÖ
Panel 2: The ethics of civic responsibility in educationBartosz Duszyński, Galicia Jewish Museum, Kraków
Wolfgang Schmutz, Hartheim Castle
Matej Beránek, EDAH
Moderation: Paul Salmons
Panel 3: Combining Holocaust Education, civic, social, and political workPascal Begrich, miteinander e.V.
Guest: Meron Mendel, Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
Moderation: Karin Schneider
1615 – 1630coffee break
1630 – 1715Reflection and conclusionModeration: Paul Salmons
1715 – 1730Closing remarks
The conference will be held online and in English

The conference is hosted by the museums of the City of Linz

in the context of the exhibitions
Transformation and Recurrence Reflections on Radical Nationalisms in Contemporary Art in the Lentos art museum

Young Hitler The formative years of a dictator 1889–1914” in the Nordico City museum Linz