Museums of the City of Linz

With their different institutions – the Lentos art museum, the Nordico City Museum and the Valie Export Center Linz  – the museums of the City of Linz are among the city’s most potent cultural driving forces and see themselves as meeting places designed for dialogue. They are committed above all to an open access to art and culture. Especially the City Museum Nordico provides insights in the NS time in Linz through specific objects and stories. The educational department of these museums also seeks to establish the museum as a space of shared knowledge production and storytelling.

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Role within the project

The education sector of the Museums of the City of Linz, with head of education Karin Schneider as responsible coordinator. This partner hosts and leads the coordinating team of MemAct! which includes the development group of the project, Paul Salmons, Wolfgang Schmutz and Karin Schneider, and the project manager Gisela Hagmair. They manage communication, the development and dissemination process  and take care that the work packages meet their tasks and provide meaningful results for the Open Access Online toolkit.  Drawing on experiences in the context of the two exhibitions “New Nationalism” (Lentos art museum) and “Young Hitler” (Nordico city museum), members of the museum’s educational team will engage in work package #2, 3, and 4 and will provide new methodological approaches for the museum and the toolkit.