Miteinander – Netzwerk für Demokratie und Weltoffenheit in Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Founded in 1999 the NGO Miteinander e.V. is engaged in strengthening democracy in Germany. Miteinander is committed to an open, pluralistic, and democratic society and works against racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of discrimination against people (group-focused enmity). The association conducts educational and community work, mediation, and network building to foster civic engagement and knowledge. Within its work, Miteinander combines different fields of activity to counter right wing extremism and to strengthen civic society:

  • analysis and monitoring of right-wing extremism
  • support and counselling for victims of hate crime
  • counselling and advice for communities and their representatives
  • youth and adult education
  • de-radicalization trainings

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Role within the project

Miteinander e.V., represented by director Pascal Begrich, takes care to connect the approach of support and community counselling concerning current anti-Semitism and Racism with learning about the Holocaust. Through this connection MemAct! will be able to head towards an approach of civic education in learning about the Holocaust. Doing so, they will contribute insights from its own community work and research about racism. Miteinander e.V. will connect the development group with the main stakeholder groups in this context and disseminate the MemAct! activities amongst those groups and their clients. It will be responsible for work package #4 focusing on the connection of the past with the present. Miteinander e.V. will also be responsible to conduct the final conference (together with the development group) in Saxony-Anhalt so that the MemAct! results will impact this region.