Terraforming (Serbia)


Terraforming is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organisation from Novi Sad in Serbia founded in 2008, and with partners, contributors, associates and project activities all across Europe. Terraforming develops educational methodologies and teaching materials, combining best practices in contemporary pedagogy with new-media technologies while facilitating multidisciplinary cross-sectoral international project cooperation and exchange.

Terraforming promotes human rights, diversity and tolerance, combating discrimination, intolerance, antisemitism, antiziganism and all forms of xenophobia, while debunking bias, myths, prejudice and stereotypes. Terraforming designs training programs, facilitates international exchange of experiences and best practices, and produces various public outreach activities with aim to empower multipliers such as teachers, librarians, archivists, museum workers, NGO activists, and to inform local communities, decision and policy makers, as well as other stakeholders.

Terraforming intends to share these experiences with the MemAct! team through participating at all the activities, activating participants in Belgrad and developing new educational material.

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Role within the project

Terraforming founders Nevena Bajalica and Miško Stanišić will be active in work package #1 to develop a model of teaching the Holocaust based on a shared history of Austria and the Balkan, joining forces with Prof. Claudia Fahrenwald and her team of the University of Education Upper Austria Terraforming is also responsible for work package # 2: They will engage youngsters in Belgrade to develop an idea of how to build a commemoration site which connects the neglected place of the concentration camp “Judenlager Semlin” at Sajmište with the general urban surroundings of Belgrade. Terraforming will contribute both guidelines and methods of how to include young people in remembrance policies to be included in the Open Access Online Toolkit.